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Israeli Bedouin Woman Entrepreneur

In the Bedouin town of Tel Sheva, located in the Negev desert near the Israeli city of Be'er Sheva, Maryan Abu Rakayek has set up a natural cosmetics company. Using methods learned from her grandmother, and passed down in the Bedouin community from generation-to-generation, Maryan transforms traditional herbs and other natural ingredients into cosmetics, soaps and other treatments. "Desert Daughter" is a growing company, and the first Bedouin cosmetics label in the world. Mariam was raised in a traditional Bedouin family in the Negev. From an early age she was drawn to medicinal plants. She learned from her grandmother how to pick herbs while maintaining the plant’s reproductive capacity. Whenever she could, Mariam wandered in the vast desert to bring all kinds of plants with healing properties back to her grandmother. Her grandmother chose to relay her family’s traditional healing secrets to Mariam, as they had once been passed to her. Driven by a belief in the importance of restoring our relationship with the natural world, Mariam returned home to take up her ancestors' traditions. She combined her inherited knowledge and formal education to develop an innovative home workshop. A small business grew out of the workshop as she used her knowledge and instincts to develop products. With the help of her sisters, Mariam Abu Rkeek continues to develop and craft purely natural, authentic Bedouin cosmetics and healing products for the purpose of preserving our environment as well as a personal relationship with the natural world. She has become an active voice and community leader in Tel Sheva in addition to providing jobs and income to members of her community.

Peace Building through Desert Daughter: In keeping with for PEACE's misson to contribute to peace through economic self-reliance, we raise awareness about Desert Daughter products and organize international tour groups that visit Desert Daughter and attend lectures on cosmetic and medicinal healing products and Bedouin life and culture. Running Time 4:06 minutes


Early detection prevents Cervical Cancer in Women

More than five billion people around the world have access to mobile phones, but not to a physician. They deserve to catch cancer early enough so that it can be treated. Our Mission is to give those billions around the world an affordable way to save their lives and the lives of their loved ones. Cervical cancer is the leading cause of cancer death among women in low-resource settings. Our technology can help health providers save the over 250,000 women who die unnecessarily every year. Our technology can save lives by identifying abnormalities in the tissue that indicate cancer in formation, and can do so quickly, inexpensively and in any setting (hospital, clinic, & mobile). In 95 percent of cases, cervical cancer is an entirely treatable disease and can be treated for $28 in less than 40 minutes. Yet, due to lack of access to physicians and reliable medical equipment, hundreds of thousands of women in low-resource settings are dying unnecessarily every year simply because they are not getting diagnosed in time. However, Mobile OCT, an Israeli startup seems to be well on its way to changing that. Running time: 3:45 minutes


Diversity of Communities in the IDF: The Israeli Druze Community (significant number compared to their population)

Israel’s Muslim Citizens enlist in small numbers each year. (We decided not to do interviews with these soldiers to protect their identities.) They are officially exempt from service in the military. The Bedouins, who are Muslims, have a long tradition of volunteering for service, though they are not required to join. Arab Israeli Christians: Israeli Christians Recruitment Forum (ICRF) that has been lobbying the government for the draft of Christian youth for the past two years. For the first time in its history, Israel's army is getting ready to send Volunteering military enlistment notices to Christian Arab citizens when they turn eighteen.

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New Life For Children with Motor Impairments

Harness of hope: Invention from mother of wheelchair-bound son helps him and other physically impaired children walk for the first time. Debby Elnatan an Israeli mom has invented the Upsee to help her son who has cerebral palsy. Harness attaches to an adult and allows child to stand upright and walk. Mrs Elnatan, a music therapist, came up with the concept to help her young son Rotem. She designed a support harness that would enable Rotem to stand upright and, by attaching it to herself, let parent and child take steps together. "When my son was two years old, I was told by medical professionals that he didn't know what his legs are, and has no consciousness of them. That was an incredibly difficult thing for a mother to hear. I started to walk him day after day, which was a very strenuous task for both of us. Out of my pain and desperation came the idea for the Upsee and I'm delighted to see it come to fruition." The Upsee allows infants and small children to stand and achieve repetitive walking training with the support of an adult. It includes a harness for the child, which attaches to a belt worn by an adult, and specially-engineered sandals that allow the parent and child to step simultaneously, leaving their hands free for play and other tasks. Running time: 4:09 minutes


Filipino's Love For Israel

Filipino filmmakers Tec Conception and Nana Banigno are using the media platform to express and spread their love and appreciation for Israel to the world. The Philippines have a long and deep bond with Israel and the Jewish people. During World War 2, they opened their doors to 10,000 holocaust refugees and in 1947, the little Christian country voted in support of an Israeli state at the UN. In 2012 Israel was able to reciprocate by being the first country to send disaster relief after Thyphoon Hayan devastated much of the Philippines. Israel continues to aid in rebuilding the Island. Running time: 4:08 minutes


Israel’s B-Shoe Technology

One out of three people age 65 and over falls every year. Apart from the social and personal problems, these falls are a major cause of injuries and death and a tremendous cost to the health care system. The overall yearly cost of elderly falls in the United States alone is up to $75 billion. B-Shoe Technologies Ltd. is focused on developing solutions to solve the huge, global and growing problem of falls by the elderly. B-Shoe's world-class Orthopedic Surgeons, Neurologists, Scientists and Engineers specialize in human biomechanics and balance disorder, to guarantee original, effective and practical solutions. B-Shoe (balancing shoe), the product developed and engineered by B-Shoe Technologies is a standard walking shoe that enables the elderly to regain their balance and avoid falling. Running time 3:35 Minutes

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Heroes to Heroes

Our Mission: Heroes to Heroes Foundation, a non-denominational 501(c)(3) organization, provides a suicide prevention/PTS (post-traumatic stress) management program for wounded veterans through spiritual healing and peer support. Who We Serve: The Heroes to Heroes Foundation serves all combat veterans, regarless of conflict. Veterans of Vietnam, Desert Storm, Afghanistan, and Iraq have all participated in our program. We welcome all who are having challenges with PTS or are having challenges returning to civilian life after their time serving our country. What We Do: Heroes to Heroes teams up 10 veterans for a life-changing journey to Israel. Each team includes 10 Americans, five Israelis, and two team coaches (veterans from both combat and the Heroes to Heroes program). Our program is designed to help our participants develop social and emotional bonds with one another while exploring their spirituality and pushing themselves phsycially. Teams meet via Skype to get to know one another prior to the journey and stay together via Skype and social media upon their return to the United States. Running time: 5:29 minutes


New Medical procedures using 3D Holographic Technology

An Israeli company has developed a first of its kind 3D holographic technology it says, could pave the way to a new era of interventional medicine. RealView Imaging LTD says it has recently completed a successful clinical study in which surgeons used live-action 3D holograms of their patients' beating heart to help them operate. To illustrates the technology, the company has produced a video it says most accurately shows the system's capabilities. Developers say a live observer really would see a 3D hologram of a patient's beating heart or other organs floating in mid-air in real time. Images shot by conventional 2D cameras cannot convey the imagery as it would be seen by a surgeon. The trial, carried out at Schneider Children's Medical Center in Israel in collaboration with healthcare giant Philips, included eight patients. RealView's prototype system allowed surgeons to view, touch and manipulate a three dimensional image of the patient's heart "floating" in mid-air during minimally-invasive cardiac procedures. Running time: 3:23 minutes


Israel’s 1st. Cyber Conference

Israel, cyber-security isn’t just about protecting information systems, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in several speeches Tuesday and Wednesday, during the course of Israel’s first-ever cyber-technology show. Cybertech 2014, the prime minister said, is also a way to build an international coalition of countries that will work together to defend “the great blessings” of Internet connectivity, and enable Israel to further develop its periphery, especially in the south. “Beersheva will not only be the cyber capital of Israel but one of the most important places in the cyber security field in the world,” Netanyahu declared at the opening of the conference Tuesday. Cybertech 2014 is the brainchild of Amir Rapoport, editor of Israel Defense magazine. According to event chairman Rami Efrati, some 5,500 people from Israel and abroad visited the show to see the latest in Israeli cyber-tech. “There are so many important things going on in cyber-security here, we wanted to gather as much of it in one place and show it off to Israelis, and to the world,” Efrati told The Times of Israel on the sidelines of the conference. Among the visitors are over 450 heads of industry and cyber-security agencies from around the world, said Efrati. Among the larger delegations was the U.S. delegation, including 50 people from the White House and the Department of Homeland Security, and delegations from South Korea, Mexico, NASA. Representatives of the armies of Brazil, Mexico, Italy and the Netherlands, IT companies from Colombia, Ghana, and Nigeria, and a cyber-security team from Canada were also in attendance. In his speech opening the event, Netanyahu laid out his government’s approach to cyber-security and digital literacy. Among the facets of the policy is creation of a “digital Israel,” which entails laying out fiber optic cables throughout the country and “perhaps one of the ways of reducing social gaps, closing social gaps, canceling the whole idea of the periphery. Ultimately,” said the prime minister, “it’s the fast route of knowledge that can come to every home and give everyone an equal opportunity to partake in this future.” For Israel, taking on this leadership role is not a luxury if it wants to survive in the cyber-jungle, the prime minister said. Cyber-experts were fending off thousands of attacks an hour against government, military, and business systems. To survive these attacks, and to thrive as a nation, “We really don’t have a choice. I mean, we have to be good. To be here, we have to be very good, and in some cases we have to be the best.” Running time 3:58 Minutes


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Painless Dental Braces

New orthodontic system developed by Israeli company promises to shorten daily treatment time, do it painlessly during sleep. Need to have your teeth straightened but don’t want to wear braces for everyone to see? Now you’ll be able to get the process done while you sleep. A new system developed by an Israeli company promises to shorten the daily orthodontic treatment time and do it painlessly. The new technology developed by Israeli Aerodentis straightens the teeth through gentle pulsating force, which moves the teeth gradually during sleep. According to the developers, medical research shows this force is healthier and more efficient than applying constant pressure, as in other methods. The pulsating force, determined in a computerized manner by the orthodontist, facilitates the blood circulation in the underlying periodontal ligament tissue between the root and jawbone and prevents complications involved in applying constant pressure, like infections and pain. This is how it works: The orthodontist measures the patient’s teeth and sends the measurements to the company’s production department. The mouthpiece is custom-made according to the final desired condition of the teeth, which is determined in advance. The device is given to the patient, who is guided on its use and maintenance. The patients must wear the plastic mold connected to the control console in the evening hours and during sleep. When they visit the orthodontist’s office every one to three months, they bring along the mouthpiece and the control console with the smart card, which contains information on the treatment’s progress. In according with the findings, the doctor reprograms the system and updates the treatment plan. Running time 2:57 minutes


The Druze Culture in Israel

The Israeli Druze The Druze (Arabic: درزي, derzī or durzī‎, plural دروز, durūz; Hebrew: דרוזים, "druzim") are a monotheistic religious and social community, found primarily in Syria, Lebanon, Israel and Jordan. Rooted in Ismailism, the Druze beliefs incorporate elements from Abrahamic religions, Gnosticism, Neoplatonism, Pythagoreanism, and other philosophies creating a distinct theology known to highlight the role of the Mind and truthfulness. The Druze call themselves Ahl al-Tawhid "the People of Monotheism" or "the People of Unity" or al-Muwahhidūn "the Unitarians". The Druzes are known to form a close knit and cohesive social community but also integrate fully in their adopted homelands. We explore the one thousand year old Village of Pequin in Northern Israel and interview some of the young & older residents. Running time: 3:25 minutes


International Defense & Security Exhibition

The Israel Security & Defense Week 2014 Is the leading, the largest and most comprehensive event in the field in Israel for the last 28 years. The Israel Security & Defense Week is an international multi-purpose and professional updated event based on 2 Major exhibitions (HLS and Combat) and specialized seminars, field demonstrations and workshops organized concurrently during a whole week. This special approach gives the Security & Defense industry manufacturers and distributers as well as end users from all sectors to enjoy the benefit of a wide range event. Exhibitors and Visitors from various fields of security, defense, HLS, civil protection, military, police and emergency meet together at the same location and time. The Israel Security & Defense Week 2014 gives a unique opportunity for all those who are active in the field of security and defense to meet, to talk to learn about new products and technologies and to participate various professional seminars and exhibits dedicated to the core issues of security and defense. Security Israel - The International Homeland Security Exhibition focused on the field of Civil defense, Security and protection technologies, Urban-Shield, Safe-City, Protecting of critical infrastructures, Border control. COMBAT - The International Exhibition for Operational Units brings a new approach to military & police exhibitions by putting the equipment and technologies at the front no matter who is the end user. All operational units Ground Forces (military), Police & Law - Enforcement, Counter Terrorism units, Swat-Teams & Special Operation forces, Support, Rescue, Emergency & Disaster control. The organizers of the The Israel Security & Defense Week - Sigma-Team and Expo-Consult are the leading media in the field of security and defense in Israel for the last 30 years. Sole organizers of active seminars and international conventions of the Israeli Ministry of Defense, Israeli Police, The Ministry of Internal Security / HLS, The IDF, The Israeli Prison Correction Authority, The Ground Forces Command and others. Running time: 4:07 minutes

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Visiting SodaStream’s Factory

The company sells more than 100 different types of concentrated syrups and flavourings to make carbonated drinks. After the company merged with Soda-Club in 1998, it was relaunched with an emphasis on healthier drinks. It went public on the Nasdaq stock exchange in November 2010. SodaStream is currently headquartered in Lod, Israel[] and has 13 production plants; its principal manufacturing facility is located in the West Bank Community of Ma’ale Adumim. Employee’s at SodaStream's West Bank factory work with the cylinders that will eventually make fizzy drinks for customers all around the world. Of 1,300 workers at the plant, 75 percent are West Bank Palestinians or Palestinians with Israeli citizenship. Home Soda Makers: Making carbonated water and soft drinks is simple! Turn tap water into sparkling water in under 30 seconds, with no clean-up. Enjoy the freshness and convenience of homemade soda and protect the Environment at the same time. No heavy bottles to carry, store at home or throw away. At the edge of a palm-lined industrial zone 15 minutes east of Jerusalem, heavy machinery punches out aluminum canisters that customers across the world use to create fizzy drinks. In other departments, women in hijabs work side by side with Russian immigrants while young Palestinian men work on assembly lines fine-tuning the soda maker. Running time 4:13 minutes


Religious in the IDF

Since Prime Minister Ben Gurion passed the Tal law allowing Haredi yeshiva students to defer enlisting in the Israeli army, the Ultra Orthodox Jews who make up 8% of Israel's population have chosen a life of Torah study over conscription. In contradiction, Israel's Modern Orthodox Jews who maske up 12% of the country’s population have served in the army since the states inception in 1948. Today many Ultra Orthodox Rabbi's agree that joining the army is a good idea for these young men. The Shacar Unit allows them to serve in the army in accordance with Jewish law along with giving them skills for civilian life and personal growth. With the expiration of the Tal Law it is expected that 14000 Haredi Jews join the drafts within the next 2 years. Running time 3:39 minutes


Israel’s Vast Bird Migration

Israel–at the crossroads of three continents–boasts one of the largest bird migrations in the World. Each year, one billion birds soar above this tiny stretch of ancient land, where Africa, Europe and Asia meet. Second only to Panama, this geographical intersection is one of the world’s largest bird migration paths, with more than 540 species traversing the airspace each autumn and spring. To enter the expanse known as the Hula Valley, with its vast plains encased by the steep, sloping mountains of Israel’s Upper Galilee, is to experience nature’s own theater-in-the-round. It is a breathtaking sensory production, a symphony of sight and sound, as the migration season’s show-stealer – Eurasian cranes numbering in the tens of thousands – soar and squawk to the delight of camera-clicking Israelis, tourists and bird watchers from all over the World. The sanctuary is particularly crucial in the spring when storks and large birds of prey such as eagles, hawks and others return after a difficult winter in Africa. during the cold months. After flying about 1,800 miles across the African desert for 20 to 40 hours, the exhausted and hungry travelers refuel in Eilat before proceeding to Europe to mate and nest. Running time 3:57 minutes

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Hostel for Young Women at Risk

Located in Rishon Lezion in a beautiful suburban community, the 13-bed Hostel is a warm home, whose location and aesthetic appeal is designed to play a key role in supporting an environment of trust, privacy, and serenity. The goals of the Beit Ruth Hostel are to provide each teen with a safe warm environment and remove them from their harmful environments; provide tools to overcome their personal problems and self-destructive behaviors; and to enable them to mentally, socially, and academically re-enter mainstream society. These goals are achieved through a coordinated curriculum that combines intensive home schooling, integrated mental, social, and recreational therapies, community involvement, and daily household responsibilities. Beit Ruth Hostel, the methodology of the Hostel will soon reach over 200 at-risk young women, aged 14-24, thanks to the new and revolutionary Beit Ruth Educational Village. Beit Ruth Educational Village will be a safe haven for teenage girls who struggle to develop socially, academically, and emotionally and will eventually serve over 200 disadvantaged girls and young women between the ages of 14 and 24 The Beit Ruth Village professional counseling staff will combine small-group therapy and a thorough rehabilitation / empowerment curriculum. Beit Ruth will provide these young women with social, recreational, and educational enrichment programs, all while nurturing their personal sense of self-esteem and self-belief. Running time 2:35 minutes


Revolutionizing Crop Production Worldwide

With over 40 hectares of prime greenhouse production spread over 5 nurseries throughout Israel, Hishtil Nurseries not only produces 1 billion plants a year, they have revolutionised the successful industrialization of environment friendly grafted mega-plants whose roots are strong enough to withstand any soil disease and whose vegetable yield is doubled on the same plot. These plants need little water in drought ridden climates and can withstand extreme cold without being destroyed. The usage of these grafted plants is a 100% replacement of the harmful methyl bromide fumigation drastically reducing the damage we do to our soils. The Hishtil expertise is implemented throughout the World helping growers protect crops, water and money. Running time 4:06 minutes


Fighting Bladder Cancer

Fifteen thousand people die from bladder cancer every year in the USA alone, while seventy three thousand new cases are annually diagnosed. With doctors and researchers fighting on the frontline of clinical research, an Israeli Biotech company has developed a revolutionary new product that will help cure bladder cancer. TeraCoat, a gel which is devised of a unique material used in toothpaste and ear drops, is in its advanced clinical trial stages with very promising results. The core capabilities are based on using a family of properties reverse thermal-gelation hydrogels that are ideal for deployment of medications into the bladder. Running time 2:28 minutes

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Tai-chi for Parkinson’s Patients

Effective new treatment for Parkinson’s disease patients that is safe, causes no adverse side effects, and may also benefit the rest of the body and the mind.. Tai chi may improve balance and prevent falls among people with Parkinson’s. This degenerative condition can cause many vexing problems. These range from tremors and stiffness to a slowing or freezing of movement, sleep problems, anxiety, and more. Parkinson’s disease may also disrupt balance, which can lead to frightening and damaging falls. Running time 3:47 minutes


Israeli Water Solutions for Developing Countries

Water scarcity and water pollution are two of the world's most pressing problems, especially in developing countries where infrastructure and resources are limited. In this Israel Up Close report, we show how Israeli organizations and companies are attempting to solve the water problem, for residents of those areas. Running time 4:03 minutes


Israel’s Cyber Gym Training in Cyber Warfare

Training hackers how to defend against cyber warfare at a new state-of-the-art “Cyber Gym,” behind the Orot Rabin power station. A group of professionals from the army, security services and straight from universities launch simulated attacks against computer systems used by the trainees, who work from an adjacent building that models the isolation they would endure during an attack, without any inkling of how it was being perpetrated. It’s designed as a playground to simulate real cyber attacks; IDF Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Benny Gantz described a future war where physical attacks against Israel are combined with cyber warfare. “It is possible that there will be a cyber attack on a site supplying the daily needs of Israeli citizens; that traffic lights would stop working or the banks would be paralyzed.” Running time: 3:59 minutes

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Israelis hiring Palestinians

With peace talks resuming between Palestinians and Israeli's, a world media conference was recently held in the West Bank in order to discuss how to proceed with Israeli's who are living and working in the Area. The conference visited the Barkan Industrial Park where there are 140 Israeli owned factories which employ over 6000 workers- 50% Israeli, 50% Palestinian. Palestinian workers at the factory affirm that their earning power, social and working conditions are way better at Barkan than in their own villages. The final destination was the Israeli inhabited town of Ariel and it's University. The co-ed University was founded in 2005 in order to increase opportunity for underprivileged students. Muslim computer science major Sayid is a proud student of Ariel University claiming that the people of his village near Haifa, support his choice to study at Ariel believing higher education is of utmost importance. The conference presented the reality that politics aside, on the ground there is a tremendous amount of commerce, interaction and common infrastructure taking place between the Palestinians and Israeli's and regardless of who retains sovereignty of the area, this neighborly "working together" is necessary and positive. Running time:7:33 minutes


Exploring & Diggs at Ancient Tel Tzafit

Once a year, lovers of archeology, history and the bible, from all over the world gather for one month at Israel's archeological site, Tel Zafit to dig up ancient ruins. The multi period Tel is rich in finds from the Canaanite ,Philistine and Israeli cultures. It was also the biblical city of Gath- home of Goliath and his fellow Philistines. The international team of archeologists, university students and volunteers, from various religious ,ethnic and geographical backgrounds work together and learn from each other during this intense annual event. Great comradery. Running time: 4:17 minutes


Israeli Fresh Food Production Leads the World

Though small in size, Israel's agricultural sector is vibrant and highly advanced. Israeli fresh food production is based almost entirely on science-linked technology, with government agencies, academic institutions, industry and cooperative bodies working together to seek solutions and meet new challenges. Running time: 3:20 minutes

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Kudumim – a Community of Purpose

In 1974, 25 families moved to the barren hills of Kedumim. Today, the crime free, environmentally green community has 4500 residents who support a number of significant humanitarian projects including the adoption of many babies with health issues; a school for boys with ADD and ADHD; the Lahava program for Ethiopian girls whose families cannot provide for them and who receive full room and board in the high school, as well as emotional counseling and loving care. Running time 6:37 minutes


Humanitarian Medical Aid for Syrian Children

NBC News described Israel as a “sanctuary” for wounded Syrians, with doctors having tended to scores of patients who have fled the war-torn country. More than 120 Syrians have received medical treatment in various Israeli facilities during the two and a half years of the Syrian civil war. One location has even become a kind of epicenter in the effort: Western Galilee Medical Center in the coastal Israeli city of Nahariya. Israel has generally and deliberately kept a low profile about its humanitarian medical operations. Syrian civilians brought to Israel for treatment – usually by IDF troops at the border with the Golan Heights – face retribution upon returning home: Running time 4:04 minutes


Breakthrough for the Visually Impaired

Orcam, a new Israeli product promises to enhance and change the lives of the 300 million visually impaired people around the globe. With a simple point of a finger, Orcam, a small wearable camera understands what it sees and delivers the information to the wearer through a discreet bone conductor unit. The device which currently can read any printed text in English and can recognise thousands of objects including busses,traffic lights and bills, can also be personalised to recognise the users daily objects such as credit cards and shopping products. Visually impaired users Liat Negrin and Liran Frank affirm that the life-changing Orcam has helped them "see".Running time 3:50 minute

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Integrating the Disabled into Israeli Society

Kelim Shloovim, a store that opened in May 2012, represents over 50 no-profit organizations as well as independent craftsmen, all of whom have special needs. Among the huge variety of artisans are youth at risk, cancer patients, housebound elderly, autistic children, as well as the mentally and physically disabled. Located on Tel Aviv’s trendy Dizengoff Boulevard, the store collaborates with over 40 local industrial designers matching them to the appropriate non-profit organization or individual craftsmen, together creating a beautiful collection of high quality, contemporary hand made products. 3:47 minutes.


Medical Marijuana in Israel

Considered the father of Medical Marijuana, Professor Raphael Mechoulam of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, extracted THC, marijuana’s’ first active compound, in 1963. Today , medical marijuana is used in over eighteen countries worldwide. In Israel, there are 10,000 certified medical marijuana users. It is currently the only country in the world dispensing the drug in a nursing home setting. The drug has an enormously positive effect on patients, providing an answer to a wide variety of symptoms including anxiety, depression and schizophrenia. Medical marijuana has proven to be valuable for gastrointestinal, central nervous system, and certain inflammatory diseases. 5:28 minutes


The Druze Community of Israel

The Israeli Druze community , which speaks Arabic and identifies itself as part of the Arab world is one of the most integrated and patriotic minority groups in the country. An Israel Up Close team traveled to the ancient village of Daliyat el Carmel in the western Galilee to get an up close look at this exotic people. 3:58 minutes



Volume 43

Volume running time: 10:50 minutes

Green Pilgrim Symposium

Hundreds of thousands of Pilgrims from across the globe visit the Holy sites of Jerusalem every year. This great privilege also puts huge pressure on the environment and cities infrastructure. The city of Jerusalem recently hosted the first international symposium on green and accessible pilgrimage. The conference brought together representatives from Judaism, Christianity, and Islam – the three monotheistic faiths that visit the region yearly. Each faith shares the common denominator that saving and sustaining the earth is of great importance. The program hopes to initiate a network of worldwide green pilgrimage for the quarter billion people who go on pilgrimage yearly. 4:34 minutes.


Saving Crops Worldwide

Every year, up to 25% of food harvest are destroyed by bugs that have become resistant to chemical pesticides. Four years ago, Israeli engineer Yeniv Kidron discovered a bush that has been growing in the Sinai desert for years. When sprayed, the plants properties act as a nose plug, concealing the smell of flowers and plants tricking the bugs into believing the plants are not there, thus greatly reducing their attraction to the crop. The pesticide, which goes on market internationally in the coming months, promises to save both money and lives especially in third world countries. 3:20 minutes.


Jesus Baptismal Site for Christian Pilgrims

Frequented by over 100,000 Christians yearly, Quasar El Yahud baptismal site carries great historical significance for visiting pilgrims. It is the third most important site in the Holy Land, for here on the banks of the Jordan River, Jesus was baptized and according to many, Joshua led the Hebrews into the Holy Land. The Israeli government recently renovated the site turning it from a muddy swamp into a clean and attractive holy site where Christian worshippers can commune with the creator. 2:56 minutes.


Volume 42

Volume running time: 12:17 minutes

Resurrecting the Rose of Jericho

Dating back to biblical times, the Rose of Jericho, a desert plant found only in the Holy Land was blessed by Mary during her flight from Nazareth to Egypt. According to Christian tradition, the rose represents new beginnings, hope, fertility, and health. Entrepreneur Oded Hamm has begun harvesting and selling the plant to Christian tourists in gift packages all over Israel. The plant, which appears dead, springs to life when bathed in water. It can open and close thirty times in a lifetime, making it a gift that lasts generations. 3:59 minutes.


Jerusalem Animation

Just a short walk from the capitals ancient western wall, Jerusalem’s first ever media centre and animation lab has launched. Founder, Israeli billionaire Erel Margelit managed to entice John McKenna, former Disney, Warner Brothers, and Fox Studio head to join the team and talent of the Isaraeli creatives, he has decided to stay for the long haul. The animation labs first full length feature film has signed William Dafoe and Elizabeth Hurley to voice the leads. Billed as the largest outside Hollywood, the studio has over 300 storytellers, animator, engineers, web designers, and programmers as well as ten start-ups all working under one roof with a vision of becoming the global centre of creative digital industry. 4:27 minutes.


Arab & Jewish Teenagers Peace Project

This year, like every year, 80 teenagers, Jews, Muslims, and Arabs from Israel and the West Bank in Gaza met for five days of camping in the Arava desert with the purpose of getting to know each other. The retreat encourages these youth who never have the opportunity in everyday life to meet, to mix on a purely human level uninhibited by political tensions. Organised by the Sulha Peace Organization, and project founder, Gavriel Meir of the popular band Sheva, they believe that such grassroots meetings can really affect reality and manifest change. Meir is hopeful that the Sulhita gathering is representative of the idea that every change in history starts with one small step. 3:51 minutes.


Volume 41

Volume running time: 14:19 minutes

Canines Assisting People with Alzheimer’s

The Alzheimer Aid Dogs project, which began to evolve twelve years ago, pairs up people in the early stages of Alzheimer’s with highly specialized trained Shepard Collies. Being an Alzheimer’s caregiver is the toughest job a dog can do. The canine caregivers are carefully selected and rigorously trained for eighteen months from the time they are sixteen weeks old. They are taught to alter others, call for help as well as find their owners and lead them home. The project, which has successfully trained twelve dogs, is going international. 4:05 minutes.


Israel Weaning Oil Dependence

In 2009 Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu announced that Israel is taking the lead to help the world lose its dependence on oil. Besides for contributing greatly to global warming and pollution, fuel has most of its reserves situated in the undemocratic Middle East. Being the world’s most strategic commodity today, its revenue contributes to ongoing weapon acquisition and terror sponsorship in these hostile regions. Israel’s ten-year multi-million dollar research and development program is spurring a new start up nation searching for alternative energy recourses and hopes within a decade, to power the countries entire vehicle fleet with electricity or natural gas. 4:39 minutes.


Motorcycle Medics

United Hatzalah, a volunteer based organization, has earned its place as Israel’s national emergency first responder. Founder Eli Beer, understood that when saving life, every second counts and developed the ambucycle which carries everything a regular ambulance has except a bed. A central dispatch locates the ten closest volunteers to the emergency. Able to arrive on scene in less than three minutes, these motorcycle medics have reduced the average first response time by one thousand percent. United Hatzalah’s dedicated volunteers are on call 24/7. The come from all sectors of Israeli society: religious and secular, Jewish, Christian, and Muslim and are united in their mission, that saving live, no matter whose, is the priority. 5:35 minutes.


Volume 40

Volume running time: 10:24 minutes

Ground-Breaking Liquid Explosives Detector

Everyone who has travelled by plane in recent years is well aware of the inconvenience and discomfort caused by the ban on carrying liquids on board. But this is set to change in the near future due to an Israeli development which will enable security to quickly identify and neutralize liquid explosives hidden inside sealed bottles. 3:33 minutes.


Israel Helping Empower Bedouin Women

To commemorate International Women’s Day in Israel, IUC travelled to the town of Rahat in the Negev, to get an up close look at how the status of Israeli Bedouin women is changing for the better. 3:26 minutes.


Ecology Education in Israel

Israel’s achievements in the field of agriculture and irrigation are well known. Not many people are aware that the country is also a center for the development and dissemination of permaculture, eco-farming and sustainable living, as shown in this report on the Hava and Adam farm in Central Israel. 3:25 minutes.


Volume 39

Volume running time: 12:24 minutes

Sheba Hospital Open Door Policy

The Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer outside Tel Aviv ranks among the most technologically advanced hospitals on the planet. The facility also prides itself on the fact that no-one in need of treatment is ever turned away. Israel Up Close reporter Leah Zinder visited the hospital and met patients from around the world, including from countries that have no diplomatic relations with Israel, and from the Palestinian Authority. Running time 5:11 minutes.


Law to protect Models from Bulimia & Anorexia

The Israeli Knesset sent shock waves through the fashion world recently when it enacted a law banning the employment of underweight models. But now appears that numerous other countries are set to follow Israel's lead, including those with centers that drive the fashion industry. All this due to what Israeli doctors are calling "the battle against a universal teenage eating disorder epidemic". Running time 4:08 minutes.


USA learns about Israel’s Water Management

US Federal and Arizona State Water Conservation experts arrived in Israel for an important learning tour to preempt a looming catastrophe. They claim that the entire South West of the United States is consuming much more water than is being replenished and predict a severe shortage on the horizon. Israel they said has a 65-year record of successfully managing extremely scarce water resources, and has become a world leader in water management. Running time 3:05 minutes



Volume 38

Volume running time: 13:53 minutes

Early Education for Israelis & Arab Children

The school is nestled in the hills of the lower Galilee attracting children from Arab and Israeli communities. The goals of the school are to build bridges between Arabs and Jews through multi-cultural education, shared values and joint participation in each other’s holidays and customs celebrated in both cultures. Included are interesting commentaries from their parents.


Cutting Edge Security Preventing Crime & Terrorism

An Israeli company,”Hi-Tech Solutions” has developed an advanced imagining process through artificial intelligence with vision technology. This provides a wide range of automated applications in vehicle and cargo surveillance for law enforcement agencies. Presently, 40 countries around the world are using these systems.


Saving Infants with “SIDS”

A revolutionary monitor called Baby Sense for saving infants from birth to one year was developed in Israel. It monitors the baby’s movements while they are sleeping. Even if a parent or a caretaker is in the same room, they may not realize the baby has stopped breathing. This alerts them that there may be a problem needing their intervention.


Volume 37

Volume running time: 15:08 minutes

Israeli Physicians for Human Rights

Since 1998 Physicians for Human Rights is a voluntary non-profit organization for healthcare serving refugees in their Tel-Aviv clinic, visiting Bedouin Villages, a mobile clinic in the West-Bank helping Palestinians and Israelis. Their staff has over 2700 volunteers including Medical Doctors, Psychiatrists, and Nurses. Part of our story focuses on the plight of the Sudanese and Eritrean refugees from the Horn of Africa who crossed the Egyptian border seeking refugee to enter Israel. Unfortunately, many are kidnapped and placed in torture camps hoping their relatives will pay a ransom for their release. Running time 5:11 minutes.


Unique Children's Medical Team

The "Dream Doctors Project" integrates professional medical Clowns into medical services provided at 22 hospitals in their pediatric wards and clinics throughout the country. They are also allowed in the operating room when procedures are being done, which is rare in most countries. Not only do they alleviate the apprehension of the children but also the parents. Running time 5:26 minutes.


The Bible Path

The Jerusalem Botanical Garden often referred to as "The Bible Path" is located on 35 acres in Jerusalem with over 10,000 species of plants. From the beginning of Genesis, when God plants His Garden of Eden, nature infuses the Bible. The prophets used botanical metaphors to convey moral and other messages. Nature also furnished the props for miracles; a bush engulfed by fire that didn't burn; the branch of an almond tree produced buds, blossoms, and fruits at the same time. The Bible Path opens a window to the symbolic role that plants play in the scriptures.


Volume 36

Volume running time: 12:18 minutes

High-Tech Agritech in Israel

Israel is playing a major role in developing and supplying state-of-the-art farming solutions and is thus the ideal location for a world-renowned agricultural exposition and conference. Israel Up Close joined the tens of thousands of visitors from Israel and abroad to attend this years Agritech Exposition in Tel Aviv and see the cutting edge of modern agronomy. Running time: 3:49 minutes


Israel Brain Technologies

Inspired by the vision of President Shimon Peres, Israel has embarked upon a mission to establish the country as the epicenter of global brain technology and research. Israeli scientists believe that exploring the uncharted waters of the human brain will reveal wonders. Running time: 3:54 minutes


Ice Hockey as an "Icebreaker"

Hockey on Ice in Israel is rapidly gaining popularity and has become the latest, if not the most unlikely, sport to bring the countries different cultures together. It's happening at the Canada Center Sports Complex in Metulla where mixed teams of Jews and Arabs are training to compete against the rest of the world. Running time: 4:35 minutes


Volume 35

Volume running time: 11:36 minutes

New Hope for Alzheimer Patients

Neuronix is a company dedicated to the treatment of mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease. Their technology uses stimulation of affected brain regions concurrently interlaced with Cognitive Training and directed at specific brain regions affected by Alzheimer’s disease. The stimulation induces LTP (Long-Term Potentiating), which is associated with learning and memory processes, and results in a measurable cognitive improvement after just a few weeks of treatment. Running time 3:51

Arab and Israeli Children Bonding Project

Jewish and Arab children together with their teachers and parents have been participating in Jerusalem’s Bible Lands Museum project called “The Image of Abraham”. The program seeks to bridge cultural gaps and overcome negative stereotypes. The seminar is based on understanding our common heritage through the project’s themes which are inspired by Abraham/Ibrahim Patriarch to Jews, Christians and Muslims. Running time 4:51

British Ministry Seeks Medical Efficiency in Israel

Representatives of Brittan’s Health Ministry came to learn from Terem the largest provider of urgent and emergency care in the greater Jerusalem region treating needs that are not immediately life threatening. To facilitate efficient and high quality service Terem has developed a proprietary Urgent Care Electronic Medical Record System allowing a rigorous quality assurance program, live remote telemedicine consultations and enabling online sharing of all test results and medical records with patients, primary care doctors and HMOs. Running time 2:54


Volume 34

Volume running time: 12:47 minutes

Saving Children from Certain Death

Save a Child’s Heart (SACH) is an Israeli-based international humanitarian project, whose mission is to improve the quality of pediatric cardiac care for children from developing countries who suffer from heart disease. SACH is totally dedicated to the idea that every child deserves the best medical treatment available, regardless of the child's nationality, religion, color, gender at no charge.

Running time 4:38
Cutting Edge Milking Technology

Founded in 1977, Afimilk is the global leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing cutting edge computerized systems for the modern dairy farm and herd management. A pioneer in the field, Afimilk introduced the world’s first electronic milk meter 25 years ago and since has continued to provide advanced solutions for the milking parlor in more than 50 countries on five continents. Currently Afimilk is establishing a $500 m. dairy farm project in Vietnam. It is the largest project of this kind in the world and will supply 40% of Vietnam's milk consumption. Running time 4:41

NYC Council Members Visit Israeli High-Tech Hub

The leaders of New York’s city council came to Israel to learn how to generate high tech jobs in the “Big Apple”. One of the places they visited was the JVP Media Quarter situated in the heart of Jerusalem's "Cultural Mile". JVP gives expression to the vision of fusing technology, creativity and social action in one exciting complex which is something the New Yorkers would like to create back home. Running time 3:28


Volume 33

Volume running time: 10:09 minutes

Sparks of Science

Ethiopian immigrants to Israel are joining the country’s high-tech sector in ever increasing numbers. This stands in stark contrast to statistics from other Western countries where immigrants from Africa have little chance of upward mobility.

One of the reasons for this phenomenon in Israel is the prevalence of various education enrichment opportunities available to the immigrant communities such as “The Sparks of Science Program” hosted by the renowned Weizmann Institute of Science. Running Time: 3:24 Minutes

The Wonders of Tzipori

The village of Tzipori dates back to the era of the Maccabees in the Second Century B.C.E. Located in the lower Galilee is not only a plush idyllic holiday venue in one of Israel’s most scenic locations – the community is steeped in history.

In fact, Tzipori was once the center of Jewish learning. Running Time: 3:43 Minutes

The Unique Bau Museum

The Joseph Bau Museum in Tel Aviv, housed in the former studio of the celebrated artist, Joseph Bau, a holocaust survivor, is considered to be the pioneer of animated film production and Hebrew graphic design in Israel.

He was nominated for the prestigious Israel Prize in 1998 and his early life was immortalized in the Steven Spielberg film, “Schindler’s List”. Until recently, not many people knew that Joseph Bau also earned a living from his post in the Mossad. Running Time: 3:02 Minutes


Volume 32

Volume running time: 12:20 minutes

Israel Showcases Environmental Technology

Hundreds of Israeli Cleantech companies are focused on preserving the earth's natural resources such as water and air. Experts from around the world arrived to see innovative cutting edge green technologies at the recent "Cleantech Expo" in Tel Aviv. Running time: 4:19 minutes
Medical Students from Around the World Learn Israel's Medical Procedures

Young doctors and medical students from around the world came to Jerusalem to learn from Israel's vast experience in setting up emergency assistance programs across the globe. The participants were also treated to an up close look at Israel- the country. Running time: 4:42 minutes
Life Made Easier For Alzheimers Patients

The annual Melabev "don't forget us walkathon" for families of alzheimers victims took place in the Carmel Mountains. Melabev operates day care centers and a home-care program for the alzheimer patients, and offers support services to their families as well. Running time: 3:25 minutes


Volume 31

Volume running time: 15:30 minutes

Israeli Aid To Hatian Quake Victims

In January 2010, disaster struck the island of Haiti. Hundreds of thousands of Haitians were killed and hundreds of thousands more were in desperate need of emergency aid. Within a few days, an Israeli army delegation arrived in Port Au Prince and began a massive humanitarian relief operation. Some 250 Israeli doctors, nurses and search and rescue experts took part. Recently the IDF mission to Haiti was honored by Jewish leaders from around the world who came to Jerusalem to pay tribute to the participants. Running time: 7:28 minutes
Israel Generates Clean Electricity From Traffic

Did you know that while driving your gas guzzler on the highway you might also be generating "clean electricity?" This thanks to innovative technology developed by an exciting new Israeli Cleantech startup. The system utilizes energy that ordinarily goes to waste. Running time: 3:42 minutes
Israel Know How Helps Developing Countries

Numerous Israeli aid missions have been quietly helping developing nations for decades. One at the forefront of this effort is called "Mashav" – Israel's international development cooperation program. Israel up close took a look at some ways Mashav is helping change the world. Running time: 4:29 minutes


Volume 30

Volume running time: 13:00 minutes

Ecotourism - South

Ecotourism has been described as a responsible form of travel, one which aims at preserving the environment while minimizing the negative impact travelers often leave behind. In this report Israel up close travels down south to the Arava for a look at some of Israel's spectacular natural tourist sites in the desert Running time: 7:46 minutes
Limmud UK

A Contemporary Jewish Learning Experience We take an up close look at a phenomenon called "Limmud" which is sweeping through the Jewish world. the most recent Limmud gathering in the England was such a success that the London based "Jewish Chronicle" called it "the jewel in the crown of Anglo Jewry". " Israel Up Close" was there too..Running time: 5:19 minutes
Internships in Israel

Top universty graduates from around the world are flocking to Israel in increasing numbers…..the reason?….they say that a professional internship in Israel is a most impressive and prestigious way to start ones professional career. See this report by intern Fara Cardelli who spent 6 months at IBA News. Running time: 4:10 minutes


Volume 29    

Volume running time: 18:11 minutes

Israeli Contest Unlocks High School Physics Skills

Young Scientists from around the world spent three days at one of Israel's premier universities, the Weizmann Institute of Science, pitting their knowledge of physics against one another. The teams had to design locking mechanisms for so called "safes" using the laws of physics in a creative and obscure manner.

Running time: 4:47 minutes
ROI Return on (Human) Investment

The future of the Jewish people is a perennial topic in the Diaspora due to the growing numbers of youth alienated from their Judaism and Israel. Enter ROI, a global community of innovators attempting to help youngsters reconnect with their roots and create more vibrant Jewish communities around the world. Running time: 4:43 minutes
Hadassah Hospital

Hadassah Medical center on mount Scopus in Jerusalem is known throughout the world for its state of the art treatment and excellence in curing and caring. But not many people know that the university hospital is also a site that clearly mirrors cooperation and coexistence in the capital. Running time: 5:06 minutes


Volume 28

Volume running time: 13:01 minutes

Israel Aiding Abandoned Arab Mothers

Arab Mothers While single mothers have it tough in every sector of society, single Bedouin mothers are particularly disadvantaged. Most have been abandoned by their husbands who also happen to have younger wives. According to Moslem law the rejected spouses find it difficult to file for divorce. But now one such group is managing to take action. Running time: 3:04 minutes
Israel's Annual Biotech Convention

Israel has long been recognized as a world leader in the development of innovative medical devices, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. This thriving high tech industry is built on a foundation of academic excellence, a highly skilled workforce and a vibrant entrepreneurial spirit. The annual biotech fair in Tel Aviv draws keen international interest. Google: ILSI Biomed 2009 Running time: 5:06 minutes
Israel's New Arab Health Clinic

The Latif Mental Health Clinic in Umm El Fahm is the only childrens psychiatric center in the entire Arab sector. It was established three years ago by Dr. Graciela Carmen a new immigrant from Argentina and is today operating at full capacity. Carmen said that she had to breach the stubborn preconceptions of a population that feared the stigma of so called "Mental Illness" before they began accepting her services. Running Time: 4:51 minutes

Volume 27

Volume running time: 15:34 minutes

Arab/Israeli Children's Peace Project

Sport has long been considered a means to draw rivals together and promote peace and reconciliation in areas of conflict. But there is one game that players believe embodies the spirit of sportsmanship and tolerance more than any other. It's called "Ultimate" and it was brought to Tel Aviv by the Peres Center for Peace to help Israeli and Palestinian children rid themselves of preconception and prejudice.Running time: 3:45 minutes

Saving Lives with Israeli Ingenuity

For the last several years since the tragedy of September the 11th, public safety experts have been trying to solve the problem of emergency mass evacuation from high rise buildings. The crisis becomes even more acute when the standard exit facilities are rendered unusable. However an Israeli team has come up with an answer that is already operational in several major cities of the world. Running Time: 2:51 minutes
Eco-Tourism in Northern Israel

Some aspects of Israel's "Green Revolution" are well known such as the increased use of solar power, water conservation and electric cars, but not many people are aware of the possiblility of enviromentally friendly travel to the land of the bible. It's called "Eco-Tourism" and appeals to ecologically conscious people, both travelers and service providers. Israel up close takes a look at some of Israel's exclusive "Eco-Tourism" sites in the Galilee. Running time: 8:58 minutes


Volume 26

Volume running time: 10:04 minutes

Israel Helping to Solve World Poverty

Israel helps solve world povertyIn most countries, Israel is regarded as a model of success. The accomplishments in just 60 years of statehood are considered remarkable. It is not only the renowned hi-tech industry that attracts attention; many developing countries are anxious to learn how Israel managed to eliminate rural poverty, while at the same time, became a major exporter of agricultural produce. Running time: 3:07 minutes

HiTech/Retrieving Water from the Air

Scientists say that global warming is responsible for the lack of rainfall which is causing critical water shortages in many countries. In dry areas that traditionally suffer from minimal rainfall, the crisis has become acute. One Israeli company is offering a solution to provide ample fresh water to everyone, everywhere, by squeezing the precious liquid out of the air we breathe. Running Time: 3:12 minutes
Living in a "Eco-Village"

What does dance have to do with ecology and environmental concerns…everything, according to members of the celebrated Vertigo dance company. Eco-living has become a way of life for them. In this report, recorded at the ensemble's new studio at Kibbutz Halamed Hey in the Ella Valley, we see how the dancers are following the beat of a different drummer. Running time: 3:45 minutes

Volume 25

Volume running time: 10:22 minutes

Israeli TV Technology Used Worldwide
Having amazed the world with its US electoral night hologram, the Petah Tikva based company Sport VU (Sportview) continues to prove that Israeli hi-tech has its rightful place amongst the best available. As its name implies, the core of Sport VU's business centers on television sports coverage. The system is based on sophisticated tracking technology, giving TV spectators viewing abilities that were unattainable until now.Running time: 4:24 minutes
Hi-Tech USA/Israel Conference

The Israeli Hi-Tech sector continues to attract large foreign investment. Meet a group of American businessmen in Atlanta, Georgia, who claim that they are continually amazed at the amount of innovative science and groundbreaking technology produced in Israel. Recent figures show that the volume of bilateral trade is escalating rapidly.

Software Predicts New Music Idols

Record companies worldwide were devastated by the introduction of on-line music sharing, and have not yet recovered to pre-internet earning levels. However, it appears that they now do have a way to profit from music on the web.. This is thanks to a computer program developed at Tel Aviv University which accurately predicts who is going to be the next big pop idol. Running time: 3:46 minutes


Volume 24

Volume running time: 10:21 minutes

Preparing the Underprivileged for College

All children deserve a good education. This is the objective of the "College for All" organization that aspires to promote educational excellence in talented youngsters who do not have the means to succeed. Twenty-one centers operate throughout the country providing an intense supplementary enrichment program for young people who may otherwise have dropped out of the school system. Besides the academic benefits, the candidates acquire the tools to strengthen character and develop leadership skills. Google: College for all Israel Running time: 3:46 minutes

Cutting Fuel Consumption & Air Pollution

For years auto manufacturers around the world have been spending billions of dollars in an unsuccessful attempt to develop a car that burns less fuel, causes less pollution and at the same time is more powerful An Israeli teenager, Tsion Baddash, may have the answer. A device he invented to address the problem recently hit the markets in several countries, including the United States and Britain, and is selling fast. Running time: 3:29 minutes
Helping Stroke Patients Walk

Each year, millions of people around the world are treated for hip, knee or foot surgery, or lower limb neurological impairments, all of which require lengthy curative programs to enable the patients to walk again. A new Israeli system is now available which facilitates relearning the art of walking, and assists therapists in monitoring and assessing gait rehabilitation. Running time: 3:11 minutes

Volume 23

Volume running time: 11:12 minutes

IDC - Premier Innovative University in Israel
Israel's first private institution of higher education, the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya (IDC), is today one of the country's finest institutions of higher learning and most active research facility. Since its establishment in 1994, the center has become a world leader in the field of government, diplomacy and strategy. IDC offers Bachelor and Master Degrees in business administration, law, science, etc. Their international department is represented by students from 50 countries and taught in English. One of IDC's objectives is to analyze Israel's national policy and contribute to the upgrading of the country's decision-making process. Their International Conferences bring world leaders from all over the world to Israel. Running time: 4:30 minutes

Voice Analysis - Much Deeper Than Words
It takes only thirty seconds of speech for this computer program to decipher almost every thing about a speaker. This, according to scientists who developed what they call "Emotional Profiling Technology". Over 40,000 people and10 years of research focusing on measurable parameters in a person's speech went into this amazing new tool. Less than half a minute is needed to detect a person's symptoms before they actually appear. Also in the pipeline is the know-how to detect and analyze serious diseases like cancer and heart trouble. Running time: 3:34 minutes
Advocating For Israel Through Music

Israeli new immigrant Jeremy Hulsh stunned colleagues in 2005, when he left a glamorous, high profile career in the United States, working for the world's biggest music producers, to return to Israel. He started his own record label , Oleh, and is causing a shakeup of the Israeli music scene. It did not take long for local music stars to realize the advantages of teaming up with this newcomer. Artists represented by Oleh, are writing about Israel, bringing different vibes and tastes to the music world. They sing in both Hebrew and English to increase their audiences. Jeremy says that he is doing what he loves best, promoting Israeli artists internationally and at the same time, Israel. Running time: 3:07 minutes

Volume 22

Volume running time: 10:42 minutes

Israeli International Hi-Tech Summer Camp for Teens

The newest and coolest summer holiday for teenagers is happening just outside of Tel Aviv. It's called "e-camp" and it's all about computers, start-ups and digital design. The participants are from 11 to 18 years old. Besides Israelis at this camp, other arrive from countries around the world. Part of the curriculum is visiting High-Tech companies in Israel, such as Intel and Microsoft. They said they want to learn from Israelis' amazing record of success in this field. Israel has over 3000 Hi-Tech companies, second only to the United States. Israeli percentage of annual exports containing Hi-Tech components is 70%. All these campers are interested in making a career in this industry. Running time: 2:54 minutes

Tel Aviv Artist Sigalit Landau at MOMA

The career of young Israeli artist Sigalit Landau continues to flourish locally as well as internationally. After living in art capitals all over the world, she returned to Israel to continue her work. She is a graduate of Israel's elite art school, The Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. She recently opened a major show at Moma... the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Landau is the first Israeli contemporary artist to show at Moma. Her video and multimedia presentations deal with issues of her own identity, as a Jew, an Israeli and a woman...taking conceptual art to its limits. Running time: 2:23 minutes
The Hidden Jews of Poland

There were approximately 4 million Jews in Poland before the Holocaust. Today the community numbers no more than a few thousand, but is growing steadily due to the hundreds of Polish citizens who have recently discovered their Jewish roots. Many of these "Hidden Jews" said that after growing up as gentiles, not only were they shocked by the revelation but knowing that they are Jews has dramatically changed their lives. They are gradually returning to their new/old religion.


Volume 21    

Volume running time: 10:42 minutes

Israelis Help Katmandu Street Children

An Israeli-based humanitarian charity that is aiding the poor and needy children in Katmandu, Nepal. What is even more interesting is that it is run by Israeli young adults, many of whom have taken time off from their post-army service backpacking trip to volunteer their time and skills. They use their skills in nursing, education, art, etc. to help these Nepalese underprivileged children. In Nepal's last election process, their organization Tevel BeTzedek, was invited to participate as an International observer group. The group lives together in a large eco-friendly vegetarian house, which also serves as their home base in the Nepalese capital. Running time: 4:59 minutes

Israel's Theater Troupe of Blind and Deaf Actors

Na laga'at or Do Touch is an Israeli theatrical company, a one of a kind in the world. While it is dazzling audiences and winning praise internationally, its entire troupe is unable to see the lights or hear the music that accompanies each production. Their plays come from their own experiences and imagination. They have also started a café and restaurant with blind and deaf servers. They tell us that the theater has given them the tools to communicate with the outer world from a place of total stillness and darkness. Running time: 3:24 minutes
Learning Hebrew

Digitally Learning Hebrew is now easier than ever, whether you are in Israel or abroad. Traditional Ulpanim or Hebrew learning centers are becoming a thing of the past. Classrooms are being replaced by location-free interactive learning kits that are downloadable to one's iPod or personal computer. Along with people who just want to learn Hebrew, business people from abroad are learning Hebrew so that they can better conduct business in Israel. Digital audio and texts are available getting results with a minimum of time wasted. One-on-one study sessions are also available, however, it is via the internet, telephone, email or chat. Running time: 2:07 minutes


Volume 20

Volume running time: 11:32 minutes

Israeli Hi-Tech Aids Auto Industry

The achievements of Israel's hi-tech and bio-science companies are legendary, earning the country's cutting-edge technology companies the nickname " Silicon Wadi." Now Israeli innovators have successfully shifted gears to an entirely new and somewhat unlikely field: the automotive industry. Israeli engineers are working with General Motors to improve vehicle safety systems, while adding features that make driving easier, more economical and more environmentally friendly. (running time: 3:27)

Struggle for Russian Jewry on Show

It's been called the spark that set in motion the collapse of the Soviet Union, and prompted that country's historic transformation to a free society. An exhibition on the epic history of Russian Jewry's struggle for freedom is on display in Tel Aviv's Beth Hatefutsot (Museum of the Jewish Diaspora). Called "Jews of Struggle," the show marks the 40th anniversary of the movement which changed the history of Israel and the rest of the world, bringing freedom and new beginnings to millions. We interview Natan Sharansky, who gives us his insights into this historic exodus that brought almost one million Russian Jews to Israel, including many elderly Holocaust survivors. (running time: 4:26 minutes )
Multi-Cultural Theatre Festival in Acco

The Acco Festival of Alternative Theatre is one of Israel's leading cultural events. Besides providing artists and creators with a platform for presenting new and original forms of expression, the Festival promotes dialogue between Jews and Arabs and other ethnic groups. The ancient walled port town provides a magnificent backdrop for the multi-cultural event, literally drawing the audience into the magic of theatre and mixing the old with the very new. (running time: 3:39 minutes)


Volume 19

Volume running time: 11:30 minutes

Toxic Waste Site Recycled

A "recycling revolution" is underway in Israel's infamous Hiriya landfill site on the outskirts of Tel Aviv. This once- toxic garbage dump, which was Israel's largest, is being transformed from a smelly eyesore into a place where younger generations can discover the importance of keeping our world clean and green. Visit the former dumpsite and see how even a landfill can be recycled. (running time: 4:20)

Organic Entrepreneurs

People around the world are quickly waking up to both the environmental and health benefits of eating organic, and Israel is no exception. What started out as a weekend hobby for two "big city" Tel Aviv high tech businessmen, turned quickly into a full-fledged farm for the production of organic vegetables. This new eco-friendly Israeli venture shows how green agriculture and greenbacks can go together. (Running time: 3:42 minutes)
Disabled Vintners Create Fine Wines

Israel now has about 130 active wineries producing many different varieties, earning Israel a growing reputation as a maker of sophisticated, award-winning world-class wines. Tulip Winery makes a label whose exceptional bouquet is matched only by the special nature of its vintners. Tucked away in the lower Galilee is the unique village of Kfar Tikva ("Hope Village"), whose residents live in a facility for people with autism and other special needs. These residents comprise most of the staff of Tulip Winery, which produces about 85,000 bottles of red wine annually. This boutique winery has won a number of medals in international competitions in Europe and the US. This is just one example of Israel's culture of inclusion, offering opportunities for meaningful and productive lives even for the disabled. (running time: 3:28 minutes)

Volume 18    

Volume running time: 11:15 minutes

Israeli Doctors Care for the World

The Israeli organization "Save a Child's Heart" is one of the largest undertakings in the world that provides urgently needed pediatric heart surgery and follow-up care for children from third world and developing countries. Its entire surgical, intensive care and nursing staff volunteer their services and donate their time, in conjunction with the Wolfson Medical Center outside Tel Aviv. The organization also brings medical personnel to train in Israel. Thousands of sick children from all over the world, regardless of race or religion, have had their lives saved with cutting edge medical technology. In this report we interview two Palestinian families. (Running time: 4:30 minutes)

Israelis Fight Internet Hate

We all know about the wonders of the Internet, and the worlds of information and communication it has opened up. But there is a dark side to the Net as well, with the stunning growth of hate sites spewing everything from anti-Semitism to terrorist propaganda. Under the auspices of the Anti-Defamation League, mass communications experts from Israel and the United States convened an international conference in Tel Aviv that explored just how hatred is poisoning the Web and what can be done about it. (running time: 3:39 minutes )
Historical Photojournalist Reminisces

When traveling through Israel today it's hard to believe that the country is only 60 years old. But if you want to see how it all started, a major photography exhibit in Jerusalem offers a rare glimpse of the historic rebirth of the Nation. The display features the work of photo -journalist David Harris, who documented Israel's epic struggle, against all the odds, to establish its independence. His images capture the Zionist dream of shaping a new country while absorbing refugees from a multitude of different cultures. (running time: 3:06 minutes)

Volume 17    

Volume running time: 11:50 minutes

Combating Global Warming

Global warming is real! Scientists are convinced that the earth's temperature is rising steadily and upsetting the planets ecosystem. This was the issue that brought some of the world's leading environmentalists from five continents to Jerusalem. Among the locations they visited was, the largest and driest forest in world, located in southern Israel. Because of Israel's expertise in this field, they have come to learn and witness techniques used by Israelis in dealing with the problem of controlling what is called, desertification. (running time: 4:35)

US Law Enforcement Learns Israeli Security

Israel has developed some of the best anti-terror units in the world. The Israeli methods are so effective that successive groups of FBI agents and other senior law enforcement officers from the United States arrive regularly to learn ways to improve their own local homeland security. One of participants was the senior FBI agent who was involved with the D.C. sniper killings, the Wako Texas debacle, the Unibomber and the Alabama Church fires. (running time: 3:42 minutes )
Israelis Care for Terror Victims

Israeli terror victims and their families now have a special home in Jerusalem where they receive personalized care and support. The center was opened by "The One Family Fund" which provides financial help and most importantly, psychological counseling to these victims of terror and their families. Truly a Mitzvah project. (running time: 3:33 minutes)


Volume 16

Volume running time: 12:07 minutes

Arabs & Jews/Martial Arts for Peace

The idea of using martial arts to foster peace and harmony may seem like a contradiction in terms. However, a new project has taken root in Israel called "Budo for Peace" which brings Arabs and Jews together in an effort to build trust and encourage dialogue. These youngsters come from Palestinian, Bedouin and Israeli towns. go to Yahoo, The project has already produced several world champions in judo and karate. (running time 4:12 minutes)

Hi-Tech Convention in Tel Aviv

The annual "Telecom Israel exhibition" in Tel Aviv provides Israeli high tech companies with the opportunity to display the latest in "cutting edge" communication and information technology. Guess who provided the technology for Firewalls, Blue Tooth etc? The exhibit attracts top government officials, and leading executives from around the world and is considered one of the industries foremost events. (running time 3:37 minutes)
Ein Hod, Unique Artists Colony

Israeli artists have been have been shaking up the international art scene in growing numbers over the last decade and their works can be found in the world's top museums and exhibition halls. The uniqueness of this village is, you have to be an artist to reside there. Ein Hod tucked away in the picturesque Carmel mountains. (running time 4:18 minutes)

Volume 15    

Volume running time: 15:01 minutes

Israel Saves Sudanese Refugees  
News that Israel is a free and safe democratic country that respects human rights is spreading quickly amongst Muslim Sudanese refugees from Darfur who are fleeing genocide. Hundreds, who are looking for asylum and a better life, have crossed the Southern Border into Israel. In this video we hear from one of the 12 mothers about their escape to Israel through Egypt and how well they and their children were treated by the Israel army when they entered Israel illegally. Visit them in their safe houses provide by the Israeli Government. (running time 6:01 minutes)
Israeli Guide Dogs Lead the Way

The Israel Guide Dog Center for the Blind has only one goal – to help blind people in Israel, civilians and war veterans, achieve independence and mobility through the use of guide dogs. This report gives us some idea of the techniques and the time needed to train the dogs before they are ready. Despite the high costs involved, the blind person receives the guide dog, instruction and regular home visits during the working life of the dog at NO charge. (running time 5:13 minutes)
The Secrets of Shmurah Matzah Revealed

For eight days, once a year, during the festival of Passover, Jews around the world eat matzo or unleavened bread. Most know what the crispy flat cracker-like bread substitute looks like, but not many know how it is made or that one can even bake it at home. Visit with one family and the kids in the neighborhood enjoying this labor of love together. (running time 3:47 minutes)


Volume 14

Volume running time: 12:10 minutes

The International Council of Jewish Parliamentarians

The International Council Of Jewish Parliamentarians is a newly established global forum of Jewish parliamentarians and legislators which convenes in Jerusalem. Drawing over 70 representatives from 30 nations including the United States. I.C.J.P was created to provide a platform for it's members to cooperate on issues of concern in the Jewish world, and the international community, including the growth and spread of anti-Semitism and the need to improve inter-faith relations. Running time: 4:27 minutes

Innovative Holocaust Studies

With the holocaust generation quickly disappearing there is a danger that the message of "never again" may fade away. However some survivors have taken it upon themselves to educate today's youth about this horror in the Jewish people's history. They say that there is a renewed interest in the holocaust among the younger generation. Running time: 4:39 minutes
Mayumana Rhythm Troupe
Veteran musician David Broza and members of the Mayumana Rhythm Troupe have been mutual fans for years. They've performed together for brief periods in the past. Now they've joined forces in a full-length, high-powered musical spectacle called "Bechuntos". The show is playing to packed houses. Running time: 3:05


Volume 13

Volume running time: 10:04 minutes

The Menahem Begin Heritage Center

One of Jerusalem's newer landmarks is The Menahem Begin Heritage Center dedicated to presenting insight into the life and times of Israel's sixth Prime Minister, Menahem Begin. However, besides the impressive museum and library, the main goal of the institute is to serve as an educational and research center for aspiring young leaders. One unique program offers Israeli youth, Jews and Arabs alike, a new and innovative way of learning about parliamentary democracy. Running time 4:22 minutes

Tourism in the Old City of Jerusalem

The Old City of Jerusalem, with the Temple Mount and Arab Market, still tops the list of Israel's tourist destinations. Recent statistics show that the volume of foreign visitors to the walled neighborhood is rising steadily and will soon reach record numbers. Israeli tourism is also on the rise. Local tour guides and merchants speak of renewed prosperity based on feelings of security and co-existence in the mixed Quarter. Running time: 2:47 minutes
Baseball in Israel
For many Israelis the all American sport of baseball means "oh that game with the bat and ball"… Well things are about to change…. because there is a new initiative underway to bring professional baseball to Israel. That's right, real professional baseball, with major league players brought in from the United States. The man behind the initiative is American entrepreneur Larry Barras, and the commissioner of the new league is former US Ambassador to Israel Daniel Kurtzer. Running time 2:57 minutes


Volume 12

Volume running time: 11:52 minutes

Ethiopian Immigrants Celebrate the SIGD

For centuries the SIGD Festival, observed by prayer and fasting, symbolized Ethiopian Jewry's longing for Jerusalem. Here in Israel, the annual event expresses the immigrant community's successful return and absorption into their new environment. Most Jews in Ethiopia were subsistence farmers and were dramatically airlifted to Israel from their war torn country in 1991 in what has come to be known as " Operation Solomon ". According to recent figures released by the Central Bureau of Statistics, the Ethiopian newcomers are making real inroads into Israeli society. Each year some two to three thousand ex Ethiopian youngsters register for university, and the number of academics in their community is rising fast. running time: 4:18 minutes...

Breaking Barriers in a Bilingual School

Jerusalem is home to two separate communities that have very little contact with each other, one Jewish the other Arabic. For the children of the capital, this situation is even more acute. While they are all Israeli citizens, they live and play in separate neighborhoods and study in different schools. They never have the possibility to meet……apart from those who enrolled at the Bilingual School where the name of the game is "equality". The student body is made up of an equal number of Jews and Arabs, the classes are taught in both languages, and the festivals of three religions are upheld, Judaism Islam and Christianity. running time: 3:27 minutes...
Young Farmers return to the Negev
While agriculture was once the corner stone of the Israeli economy, today the country's strength lies in high tech and knowledge based industries. However, for some people, working the land is still a way of life that cannot be abandoned. Yochai Hershberg, a young farmer is one such person. Yochai says that growing produce in the Northern Negev is his way of continuing the Zionist enterprise. running time: 3:54 minutes....web search google: Negev:land,Water



Volume 11

Volume running time: 12:16 minutes

Modiin Concert of Jewish Soul Music

Woodstock lives on … at the farming village of Moshav Modiin, outside Tel Aviv, where Rock and Roll is fused with Orthodox Judaism. The community members, many of whom are top rate musicians and artists, follow the teachings of the late Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach also known as "the Singing Rabbi". Once a year, the Moshav holds a Carlebach Festival, which attracts tens of thousands of visitors and embodies a special blend of spirituality, natural living, and song. running time: 3:52 minutes...

Revival of the Kibbutz Movement

The Kibbutz, a unique Israeli institution and one of the greatest symbols of the Zionist enterprise, is enjoying unprecedented prosperity after years of decline and deterioration. Last year alone kibbutz industries rang up more than 200 million dollars of export sales, and account for one third of the country's total agricultural yield. Membership is also on the rise once again. Kibbutz movement officials say that they are finally reaping the fruits of a long and difficult learning curve. running time: 5:42 minutes...
The 2000 Year Old Judean Date

The Judean date Palm mentioned in the bible may soon flourish once again after having been extinct for almost 2000 years. This is certainly one of the most exiting agricultural research projects currently underway. Israeli scientists have managed to resurrect the species from an ancient date pit discovered by archeologists in the Dead Sea Basin. Researchers, who named the revitalized sapling Methuselah, say that they hope it will lead them in the development of new natural medicines. running time: 4:31 minutes....


Volume 10

Volume running time: 12:06 minutes

Jacobs Ladder, Blues & Folk Festival

Every community in Israel seems to have their own unique festival... from Moroccan to Yemenite to Ethiopian Jews. Even the English speaking community in Israel has theirs. It's a music event in the spirit of Woodstock called Jacob's Ladder and it combines good old rock from the 60's and 70's, country and folk, with fun and family. Traditionally, Jacob's Ladder was one of the country's more intimate cultural gatherings. However, the secret is out, and in recent years attendance has been growing enormously. Running time: 4:48 minutes.

World's Largest Desalination Plant

Israel's water worries are over! The largest seawater desalination plant in the world has begun supplying the country with some 100 cubic meters of fresh water a year or roughly 15 percent of the total annual household water consumed in Israel. The plant was constructed just south of Ashkelon on the Mediterranean Sea and is the first of five planned over the next 4 years. With this project running, Israel has strengthened its position as a world leader in the field. Several countries including China, Australia and the United States have expressed an interest in acquiring this technology. Running time: 4:08 minutes.
Cinematrix High Tech Cinema

Cinema lovers can now smell a good movie when they see one. At the Cinematrix in Haifa, the audience experiences "sensurround" in the fullest sense, including aroma, sound, moving seats ("smart chairs"), air, water, smoke, 3-D glasses and the feeling of traveling through space at astonishing speeds, almost touching the planets as they fly out of the screen. The technology allows each viewer to actually influence the action by remote control and revolutionize the way one watches movies. Cinematrix is Israel's contribution to the world of Cinema. Running time: 3:10 minutes, infocomm-smart theater


Volume 9

Volume running time: 11:06 minutes

The Boombamela Spring Festival

Boombamela, a "new age" festival billed as a celebration of "love and peace", draws a diverse and multigenerational mix of people. Fifty thousand Israelis as well as curious tourists from all over the world showed up at the 4 day happening. The organizers say that it is not just the music that attracts the crowds, it is more the lifestyle that is offered. They know that there is something uplifting and exciting around every corner. Running time: 4.49 minutes

Environmental Studies – Jews and Arabs

Researchers from all over the world, including Jordan and the Palestinian Authority, have joined their Israeli colleagues for a program at The Arava Institute of Environmental Studies near Eilat. Besides courses on conservation, which include ecology and sustainable development, the student body is also learning about coexistence. Running time: 3.17 minutes
Unique Jewish Community in Finland

The Jews of Finland are so few that most Finns regard them as a curiosity rather than a minority. At present the Jewish community of Helsinki is thriving, bolstered by new immigrants from the former Soviet Union and Israel. Despite a 95% rate of intermarriage, Synagogue attendance and the enrollment in the Jewish school has increased. Running time: 3.00 minutes


Volume 8

Volume running time: 15:45 minutes

Students Advocating for Israel

Yavneh Olami organizes students dedicated to promoting Aliyah and combating anti-Israel propaganda on college campuses throughout the United States. They serve as Aliyah ambassadors spreading the word on campuses that Israel is a viable and even desirable country that should be considered when making future travel plans. These students coordinate many activities designed to enhance the public image of the State of Israel and bring it closer to the Jewish student's heart. Running time: 4.20 minutes

The African Hebrews Living in Israel 
The Black Hebrews came to Israel from the United States and settled in the town of Dimona. This community traces its origins to an ancient tribe of the people of Israel.

The film visits a dedication ceremony of a new center for Conflict Resolution based on the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King. Despite a controversial beginning, this community has established roots in the land of Israel and have been granted permanent resident status as they found ways to integrate into the delicate mosaic of Israeli society. Running time: 5.00 minutes

American Football Alive in Israel

Super Bowl fever hits Israel… Yes, football mania has indeed reached the Holy Land. Kraft stadium, dedicated by the owner of the New England Patriots, offers a first class stadium which launched the Israeli American football league.
Shortly after winning the Super Bowl, Mr. Kraft came to Israel with several of his players to dedicate the new Astro-Turf laid on the Kraft stadium grounds. Following a spirited game, fans expressed hope that perhaps one day they would be able to bring the silver trophy back home to the city of gold. Running time: 5.35 minutes


Volume 7

Volume running time: 18:00 minutes

Anti-Semitism Conference in Belgium

Anti Semitism has once again raised its ugly head in Western Europe. Jewish Leaders from around the world met in Belgium to discuss this growing phenomenon and to find methods of combating racial hatred in the 21st century. Specialists from around the world, Jewish and Gentile alike, explored the role of the European Governments and democratic societies in the war against anti-Semitism and the appropriate response of the Jewish Community. Running time: 5.06 minutes

American Aliyah to Israel

The Aliyah revolution taking place these past few years is not defined by an increase in numbers but rather by the character of the immigrants. Immigration from the comfort and wealth of American society presents an entirely different challenge to Israel. This was understood by the founders of the Nefesh B' Nefesh organization, which provides the new immigrant with a comprehensive support network, from job placement to housing solutions and financial assistance. The organization is helping to alleviate some of the obstacles that deterred many from making the move up to now. Aliyah is once again on the agenda of the American Jewish community and the numbers are on the rise. Running time: 7.19 minutes

Israeli Musicians Rock in English: Volume 7

Rock group rehearsing Follow the birth of "Nova" an upcoming Israeli rock band, as they set their sites on conquering the world. This young ambitious group is producing quality music and winning an audience of loyal fans on the local scene. With a newly signed contract with a major international record company, they are set for the stars. Running time: 5.00 minutes


Volume 6

Volume running time: 15:02 minutes

Israel Education Aid to the World: Volume 6

The experience gained through the rapid and remarkable growth of the State of Israel is shared with the developing world through unique Israeli programs designed to promote health, education and democracy. Mashav – The Center for International Cooperation in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is one such program boasting more than 300 courses in 42 countries this past year alone.

The report examines a course that took place in Jerusalem exploring subjects such as "education in the 21st century", "democratic education" and "child development". Participants from 17 countries took part and they also discovered surprising aspects of life in Israel. Running time: 6.02 minutes

Visiting the Jewish Community in Serbia

The war in Serbia is over and the nation is struggling to redefine its identity in the post Milosevich era. Serbian leaders called on Israel and the Jewish world for support in rebuilding their battered country. A high level delegation visited Serbia to examine the needs of the new government and to assist the tiny Serbian Jewish Community. Running time: 5.01 minutes

Caring for the Elderly and Lonely

The ever increasing elderly community presents a challenge to all modern societies. In Israel private initiatives supplement government programs to assist the golden age citizens. Yitav, a voluntary association for the elderly, is one such organization that provides contact and care for thousands, by way of a hot-line and a network of dedicated volunteers. Meet two Jerusalem teens who 'adopted' a grandmother, forging new family ties of caring, friendship and love. Running time: 3.33 minutes

Volume 5

Volume running time: 11:35 minutes

For Love of Country

The Israel Defense Forces are known throughout the world for its skill and ground-breaking technologies. The IDF is also charting new frontiers in the area of equal opportunity for the disabled. In keeping with its policy of giving anyone interested in serving the opportunity to do so, the IDF allows physical handicapped individuals to enlist and assume positions ranging from Cadet Corps Commanders to intelligence officers. Hear their stories. Running time: 3.40 minutes

Entrepreneurs in the Golan Heights

View from a restaurant on the Golan Nimrod is a relatively new Golan Heights community on the slopes of Mount Hermon, Israel's tallest peak. Awed by the beauty of the landscape and the chill of the winter, the families who call the small village home share more than just a love of nature. Each of Nimrod's families brought their unique entrepreneurial energies to the area. There's a small bed & breakfast, a restaurant and an artist and his gallery. Each contributes a special element to life in Nimrod and has made the area a favorite get-away for Israelis and tourists alike. Running time: 5.19 minutes


The "White City": Volume 5

Tel Aviv is Israel's cultural center and home to a majority of the country's citizens. It also hosts the largest collection of buildings built in the Bauhaus, or International, architectural style, created in Germany in the 1920s. European architects, fleeing the Nazis, arrived in Tel Aviv and found a growing city in search of a look. They put their Old World training to use in Israel's new city. The United Nations declared Tel Aviv a "World Heritage Site," an honor many in the city hope will spur the refurbishment of many of the Bauhaus buildings. The Bauhaus style is known for its clean lines, angular structures and open floor plans, all of which gave Tel Aviv its nickname, The White City. Running time: 2.21 minutes


Volume 4

Volume running time: 15:27 minutes

Desert Agriculture: Volume 4

The Arava Desert, a dry stretch of earth running from the Dead Sea to the Red Sea, is among the world's hottest places. It is also home to one of the world's most ambitious and successful agricultural projects. The efforts of 450 Israeli families, living in eight farming villages, produce 70,000 tons of fresh produce annually. This amounts to 65% of Israel's agricultural exports and 12% of the country's flower exports. The next time you go to the supermarket, look for the Arava label and discover just how good Israeli ingenuity can taste. Running time: 3.16 minutes

Healing by Horseback Riding

Pioneering research conducted in Israel, known as animal-assisted therapy, is helping people with severe handicaps improve their quality of life. Through a course of therapy that includes such activities as caring for a dog and riding a horse, injured war veterans, or children born with congenital problems, are realizing significant improvement in their emotional and physical conditions. There is something healing about the interaction between people and animals and, while it has not been clearly defined, Israel is at the forefront of using it for the betterment of others. Running time: 5.12 minutes

Boutique Wineries in Israel

The Judean Hills are rich in history, beauty and, thanks to Israel's entrepreneurial spirit, wine. The wine-making roots of this region date back to biblical times when local growers manufactured their product for local consumption and use in the Jewish Temple. Thousands of years later, the ancient art of wine-making in this region, which lies only minutes from Jerusalem, has gone high-tech, led by three boutique wineries, Ella Valley, Seahorse and Domaine du Castel. Each approaches his craft from a unique perspective but each is out to make the best tasting wines in the world. Running time: 6.37 minutes



Volume 3  

Volume running time: 9:40 minutes

Israeli Women's Flag Football Team: Volume 3

With only one complete season under their belts, participants in the Women's American Football in Israel League proved skilled enough to earn an invitation to the International Flag Football Championships held in the Dominican Republic. Many of the players, ranging in age from 14 – 60 and hailing from diverse backgrounds, had little or no experience but proved fast learners and have every intention of making a repeat appearance on the international stage. The league is an offshoot of the highly successful men's league, and features six teams and boundless enthusiasm. Running time: 3.05 minutes

Israel Reinvents the Wheel: Volume 3

In the world of high-tech R&D, Israel stands among the giants, constantly challenging the status quo and inventing new technologies that enhance our everyday lives. Imagine a wheelchair that can climb stairs or traverse an uneven patch of pavement. A new type of wheel, designed by two young Israeli entrepreneurs, does just that by turning itself into a tracked-wheel at the touch of a button. Wheelchair accessibility is a challenge in every country, and even with the best intentions, government regulations are not always enforceable. This innovative technological breakthrough is opening new horizons for the disabled. Running time: 3.06 minutes

High-Tech Jerusalem College

Israel is home to more than 60,000 Ethiopian Jews, many of whom arrived as refugees with little formal education and even less exposure to modern technology. Shepherds in their homeland, they entered a bustling, modern society. The Jerusalem College of Technology is reaching out to the Ethiopian community, offering programs in accounting, computer science, engineering, etc. to help them enter Israel's high-tech economy. Running time: 3.04 minutes


Volume 2  

Volume running time: 10:12 minutes

French Student's New Life in Israel

Driven by a desire to live and succeed in Israel, Clara Bayler left her native France to embark on a new life in Israel. In between pursuing her Masters Degree at Tel Aviv University and socializing with friends, Clara volunteers for Israel's ambulance service, Magen David Adom (MDA). Twice-a-week, Clara dons the familiar white and orange vest of an MDA emergency response volunteer and hits the streets to help Israel's sick and injured. Running time: 2.12 minutes

Mike's Place, Before and After

Mike's Place is a popular seaside pub in Tel Aviv touted as a microcosm of Israeli society. Always filled with regulars and tourists, the restaurant was awash in good food and laughter. In fact, the day before a suicide-bomber targeted Mike's Place, an American production company had been there filming a documentary on how well Israelis cope with the never-ending threat of terror. Running time: 4.16 minutes

The City of David
The City of David, Jerusalem of the biblical era, is set on a hill below the Temple Mount. This ancient sacred city, left in ruins for centuries, is being slowly transformed into a peaceful community of Arabs and Jews. As its name implies, the city was founded by ancient Israel's King David and is an area rich in archeological treasures of the biblical period. After the destruction of the second Temple, its Jewish inhabitants were forcibly evicted, but today, nearly 2,000 years later, the Jewish community is being rebuilt. Running time: 3.35 minutes


Volume 1  

Volume running time: 9:12 minutes

Short Term Volunteering

For 25 years, Livnot U'Lehibanot has made it possible for college students from around the world to volunteer their time while exploring their Jewish roots. In response to the outbreak of violence in September 2000 and the surge of eager international volunteers, Livnot began a series of short-term programs for tourists interested in lending a helping hand by refurbishing homes, painting hospitals and caring for the less fortunate. Running time: 3.13 minutes

Israel's Largest Bike Ride

Every year, more than 160 participants from the United States, Europe, Canada and Israel gather for a five-day ride through the Israeli countryside. It is Israel's largest annual sports charity event and every year it sees a marked increase in the number of riders. The Alyn Pediatric and Adolescent Rehabilitation Center, one of the world's premier medical centers for children with disabilities, sponsors the event. Running time: 1.48 minutes

Feeding the Needy

Hunger takes no holidays. That's true even in the Holy Land. Despite extensive government sponsored social programs, private initiatives are an essential part of the battle against hunger. Hazon Yeshaya is one of Israeli's premiere programs at the forefront of the effort to make sure no one goes hungry. Founded by Abraham Israel, a self-described former hungry refugee, the chain of soup kitchens feeds more than 120,000 Israelis per month. The organization's 140 volunteers are high school and college students, adults and pensioners, many of whom are in Israel as tourists. Hazon Yeshaya's centers are open 365 days a year and often provide the only hot meal of the day for Israel's less fortunate citizens. Running time: 4.22 minutes

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