Israeli and Arab Cooperation

Arab and Israeli Children Bonding Project

Jewish and Arab children together with their teachers and parents have been participating in Jerusalem’s Bible Lands Museum project called “The Image of Abraham”. The program seeks to bridge cultural gaps and overcome negative stereotypes. The seminar is based on understanding our common heritage through the project’s themes which are inspired by Abraham/Ibrahim Patriarch to Jews, Christians and Muslims.Running Time: 4:51 Minutes

Arabs & Jews/Martial Arts for Peace

The idea of using martial arts to foster peace and harmony may seem like a contradiction in terms. However, a new project has taken root in Israel called "Budo for Peace" which brings Arabs and Jews together in an effort to build trust and encourage dialogue. These youngsters come from Palestinian, Bedouin and Israeli towns.  The project has already produced several world champions in judo and karate. ( running time 4:12 minutes)

Arab/Israeli Children's Peace Project

Sport has long been considered a means to draw rivals together and promote peace and reconciliation in areas of conflict. But there is one game that players believe embodies the spirit of sportsmanship and tolerance more than any other. It's called "Ultimate" and it was brought to Tel Aviv by the Peres Center for Peace to help Israeli and Palestinian children rid themselves of preconception and prejudice.  Running time:  3:45 minutes

Breaking Barriers in a Bilingual School

Jerusalem is home to two separate communities that have very little contact with each other, one Jewish the other Arabic. For the children of the capital, this situation is even more acute. While they are all Israeli citizens, they live and play in separate neighborhoods and study in different schools. They never have the possibility to meet……apart from those who enrolled at the Bilingual School where the name of the game is "equality". The student body is made up of an equal number of Jews and Arabs, the classes are taught in both languages, and the festivals of three religions are upheld, Judaism Islam and Christianity. running time: 3:27 minutes...

Environmental Studies - Arabs & Jews

enviorment Researchers from all over the world, including Jordan and the Palestinian Authority, have joined their Israeli colleagues for a program at The Arava Institute of Environmental Studies near Eilat. Besides courses on conservation, which include ecology and sustainable development, the student body is also learning about coexistence. Running time: 3.17 minutes

Israel Aiding Abandoned Arab Mothers

While single mothers have it tough in every sector of society, single Bedouin mothers are particularly disadvantaged. Most have been abandoned by their husbands who also happen to have younger wives. According to Moslem law the rejected spouses find it difficult to file for divorce. But now one such group is managing to take action.  Running time:  3:04 minutes

Israeli Doctors Care for the World

The Israeli organization "Save a Child's Heart" is one of the largest undertakings in the world that provides urgently needed pediatric heart surgery and follow-up care for children from third world and developing countries. Its entire surgical, intensive care and nursing staff volunteer their services and donate their time, in conjunction with the Wolfson Medical Center outside Tel Aviv. The organization also brings medical personnel to train in Israel. Thousands of sick children from all over the world, regardless of race or religion, have had their lives saved with cutting edge medical technology. In this report we interview two Palestinian families. Running time: 4:30 minutes (running time: 4:03)

Israel's New Arab Health Clinic

The Latif Mental Health Clinic in Umm El Fahm is the only childrens psychiatric center in the entire Arab sector. It was established three years ago by Dr. Graciela Carmen a new immigrant from Argentina and is today operating at full capacity. Carmen said that she had to breach the stubborn preconceptions of a population that feared the stigma of so called "Mental Illness" before they began accepting her services. Running Time:  4:51 minutes

Multi-Cultural Theatre Festival in Acco

The Acco Festival of Alternative Theatre is one of Israel's leading cultural events. Besides providing artists and creators with a platform for presenting new and original forms of expression, the Festival promotes dialogue between Jews and Arabs and other ethnic groups. The ancient walled port town provides a magnificent backdrop for the multi-cultural event, literally drawing the audience into the magic of theatre and mixing the old with the very new. (running time: 3:39 minutes)

Hadassah Hospital Treats All

Israel Aiding Abandoned Arab Mothers When Hadassah Hospital reopened after the Six Day War, it made a commitment to serve the entire population of Israel, both Arab and Jew. Today, the hospital enjoys a large presence of Arabs in both the staff and among patients, and the policy symbolizes a commitment to healing over race or religion. This video interviews doctors and administrators to explain in their words how Hadassah Hospital helps them suspend politics, and bring out their best selves. (running time 4:33 minutes)


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