About Us

IUC is a non-profit organization that produces high quality news segments which cover Israel beyond the headlines and the Arab-Israeli conflict. We report on the country's unique capacity for ingenuity and compassion which has brought about changes to people's lives around the globe.

IUC was founded in 2003. To date, we have produced more than 150 news clips that offer positive insights about Israel.   
IUC seeks to provide an objective look at Israel and its people’s richness, diversity, and contributions to the world through Israeli humanitarian projects, medical and hi-tech innovations, as well as creativity in other areas. Our reports show the kindness Israel affords to those who are underprivileged and in need.   
IUC programs are broadcast on CNN International, PBS, Israel Broadcast Authority’s
Channel 1, LeSea TV, Daystar TV, Family Entertainment TV and TBN, among others. Reaching an audience well over 500 million people. 
IUC materials are also available to schools, colleges, synagogues, churches and a variety
of organizations around the world. Many of our presentations come with a professionally developed classroom curriculum, making the reports a springboard for learning and discussions about Israel. 
IUC is currently translating clips into Arabic, Russian, Spanish, and Mandarin - and this is only the beginning. IUC works daily to increase the material available in other languages and to broaden the diversity of outlets using our programs.   
IUC’s website, www.israelupclose.org, has become an important resource for people seeking information about Israeli technology and humanitarian projects.    
Support for our important work comes from people who are proud of Israel yet
outraged by the way it's portrayed in the international media and seek a true and balanced perspective.


California (949) 650-5185 | New York (212) 729-4220 | Israel (050) 330-4718
Website: www.israelupclose.org Email: info@israelupclose.org

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