Smart travel tips for Las Vegas attractions

I don’t gamble, so I’m often asked why I visit Las Vegas at least once a year. The answer? Free attractions make Las Vegas an exciting paradise for travelers (and we’ll save a table discussion for another article). Almost every casino has some kind of freebie to attract players. In this article, I will talk about what I consider mandatory in order to give tourists the flavor of Las Vegas.

Fountain show in Bellagio

With the onset of darkness comes the fountain show in Bellagio. In the massive pool of water on the side of Casino Strip, lit by oral water dances to a variety of music, popular, classical and even opera. They usually run every 15 minutes (contact the casino to make sure), with a different song and show each time.

Sirens TI

Every night in front of Treasure Island on the strip there is a battle between sexual sirens and renegade male pirates. There are usually four identical children’s shows. Leave early for a better view (especially if you have vertical tasks). Get close and you can get a little wet.

Circus circus shows

About every half hour in the casino “Circus Circus” on the strip are free, but still world classes, including jugglers and trapeze. I tried three shows and all three were different.

The Freemont Street experience

Las Vegas is more than a strip. Located in the heart of the city, the historic Freemont Street Experience is a walkway covered with what they write out as the biggest big screen on the planet. There are street performers, vendors and every evening there is a light and sound show several times.

Ethel M Chocolate Tour and Cactus Botanical Garden

Want to get out of Gaza but do anything for free? Check out the Ethel M (One Sunset Way) chocolate factory. Necessary for connoisseurs of chocolate (I bought chocolate from around the world for my mom, her favorite – Ethel M), there is a self-guided tour, free samples and products for sale.

Outside is the Botanical Garden of Cacti with more than 350 species of cacti, succulents from the local area and around the world (also free admission).

Note: there is an Ethel M at the airport if you are concerned about melting chocolate (check the opening hours as every time I go it closes).

Las Vegas has many, many other free attractions. Attractions that change frequently to ensure that the city remains a fresh, exciting and exciting paradise for travelers.