Lots of travelers for sale

Becoming an RVer doesn’t mean you need to go to a huge lady. They are obviously an option if you want something big. However, if you are looking for something a little more manageable, there are many different types of road trailers on sale to choose from.

The fifth wheel

If you are looking for the largest living space in the option that stretches behind, the fifth wheel is your best choice. This model is constructed in such a way that it has a raised forward section. This raised profile gives the interior a two-story floor plan, giving you more space in the “living” area. The living / dining room easily transforms into a larger sleeping space thanks to the pull-out design.

The fifth wheel connects to the back of your truck like most vacationers do. However, to connect this model requires a special coupling in the bed of the truck. You may need a medium to heavy duty car to pull this camper, as it may be too heavy to tow with a traditional pickup truck. You cannot tow this appliance with an SUV.

The fifth wheel has all the comforts of a traditional home for the home. However, they are usually cheaper to purchase.

Traditional vacationers

The traditional model is perhaps the most popular on the market thanks to the variety you can find. If you look at these road trailers for sale, you will see that they come in sizes from nine feet to 40 feet. They can also haul light pickups and SUVs if you get a smaller model.

Models 17 feet or more are considered standalone. That means they are complete with kitchen and bathroom. These medium and large size units also have custom tanks for clean and not very fresh water.

There is a great variety in this type of unit. You can equip them with bunk beds, sliding exits and even several doors. They are all equipped with 120 V electrical connections and air conditioning.


Probably the least expensive of all road trailers for sale is a pop-up or puppet model. Essentially, it’s one big tent with a trailer base. When not in use, you fold the sides up and down. This allows you to store the device on a much smaller area. Whether you own a medium-sized car, a small SUV or a light pickup, this model is perfect for your current car.

These sophisticated campers provide kitchens, ice box, heating, fresh and sewage tanks, sink and faucet and bed linen. They are also equipped with 120 V electrical systems. Depending on the model you choose, they can comfortably sleep up to six people. Unlike other units, this style does not have an on-board bathroom.

The biggest drawback of this model is that you have to set it up and take it off. Understandably, most of them today have a lift system that helps speed up the process. However, when it rains, you still need to stand out in the rain to complete the settings.

Choosing from a variety of road trailers for sale can be challenging. If you find the right option, you and your family will be able to enjoy quality vacation time.