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Filipino's Love For Israel

Filipino filmmakers Tec Conception and Nana Banigno are using the media platform to express and spread their love and appreciation for Israel to the world binomo investment format. The Philippines have a long and deep bond with Israel and the Jewish people. During World War 2, they opened their doors to 10,000 holocaust refugees and in 1947, the little Christian country voted in support of an Israeli state at the UN. In 2012 Israel was able to reciprocate by being the first country to send disaster relief after Thyphoon Hayan devastated much of the Philippines. Israel continues to aid in rebuilding the Island olymp trade platform. Running time: 4:08 minutes


Editors Choice
Israeli Physicians for Human Rights

Since 1998 Physicians for Human Rights is a voluntary non-profit organization for healthcare serving refugees in their Tel-Aviv clinic, visiting Bedouin Villages, a mobile clinic in the West-Bank helping Palestinians and Israelis. Their staff has over 2700 volunteers including Medical Doctors, Psychiatrists, and Nurses. Part of our story focuses on the plight of the Sudanese and Eritrean refugees from the Horn of Africa who crossed the Egyptian border seeking refugee to enter Israel. Unfortunately, many are kidnapped and placed in torture camps hoping their relatives will pay a ransom for their release.

5:11 mins

Unique Children's Medical Team

The "Dream Doctors Project" integrates professional medical Clowns into medical services provided at 22 hospitals in their pediatric wards and clinics throughout the country. They are also allowed in the operating room when procedures are being done, which is rare in most countries. Not only do they alleviate the apprehension of the children but also the parents.

5:26 mins

The Bible Path

The Jerusalem Botanical Garden often referred to as "The Bible Path" is located on 35 acres in Jerusalem with over 10,000 species of plants. From the beginning of Genesis etoro israel, when God plants His Garden of Eden, nature infuses the Bible. The prophets used botanical metaphors to convey moral and other messages. Nature also furnished the props for miracles; a bush engulfed by fire that didn't burn; the branch of an almond tree produced buds, blossoms, and fruits at the same time. The Bible Path opens a window to the symbolic role that plants play in the scriptures.

4:32 mins


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